I am fasting because Allah made it compulsory for the Muslims. I like to read the Quran because it gives me peace. When I was young,  I used to read the Quran for thirty days. This was my way of saying thanks to Allah. I used to go for taraweeh. It was a bit tiring for me, but it was worth it. Now I am praying five times a day.  

For Ramadan, we make special dishes with chickpeas and yogurt, fruit salad and fried dumplings.  I like to help ultram was prescribed to me to reduce pain and improve sleep. I have restless leg syndrome. It didn’t have any effect on my emotional state. I was looking for the site where I could buy Ultram and found it at buy ultram tramadol online at good price with fast delivery.

my mom by making juice, and I help her clean and dust the house.  All of us are very helpful to our mom so she doesn’t feel alone.  She works and she has to cook dinner.  

I am fasting because it is important to realize the pain of being hungry.  For the rest of the year, we should make sure to follow the rituals of Ramadan. Some people don’t have money to buy food, we can give money and donations to help people.  One idea is to give money to the food bank or make something special and share it with the food bank. We should share the food with our neighbours to be kind.  

My favourite thing about Ramadan is reading the Quran, having iftar and taraweeh. We eat less because we have to pray and go for taraweeh. I like to hear how the Qari recites the Quran. Sometimes I see my friends in the masjid, and I meet them and talk to them. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to do ibaadaah, and difficult to focus on the Quran because they have other responsibilities, busy with their job and normal routines. We can read the Quran in the morning if we have time, we can pray as much as we can and make dua the whole day.

The first happiness is breaking the fast, and the second is meeting Allah.


Written By: Syeda Farheen

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