A lot of people asked me, how did you feel getting the Covid-19 vaccine? It was a good experience, and I got to get the vaccine at my own home. Paramedics came to me because my mom emailed the vaccination clinic and asked if they could give me the vaccine at home. The paramedics were very friendly, calm and very helpful. They were wearing a special plastic jacket, medical gloves, a special mask and a face shield; they were covered head to toe and I could only see their eyes. They made me feel comfortable because they were saying positive things and letting me know everything will be alright. The paramedics gave me a lot of hope and said that I am more protected now, which made me feel safe while getting the vaccine.

Getting the vaccine didn’t hurt. After I was a bit sore and the pain in my arm went away in a day!

After getting the vaccine, I felt great! Before I was upset when I couldn’t get the vaccine. Now I am happy I got the vaccine and very excited! It was important for me to get the vaccine because I know I am more protected from Covid-19, and I can go places and be more safe!

I am hoping my friends Saba, Raneem, Dania, Sana, Omar, Fahid and many more get the vaccine so DEEN can open soon! I miss the centre and seeing all my friends and the DEEN staff. I miss doing crafts with Baraem and cooking in the kitchen with Julia.

That is why I am so happy to get the vaccine because I can enjoy these things again!

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