Recreational Program



Drop-In Program

Join our Sunday Drop-In Program at Muneeba Centre in Mississauga or at IIT in Scarborough. Participants express themselves in a safe and inclusive environment through recreational activities. Drop-In follows a club house model, making it leisure based and interest driven!


  • Connect teens and adults with disabilities to peers within their community
    • Initiate and maintain everlasting friendships
    • Express oneself in a relaxed environment
    • Enhance one’s communication skills
    • Participates in multi-sensory and differentiated recreational activities

Our Program

  • Sunday Drop-In Program 2-5pm
    • Activities include but are not limited to
    • Arts & Crafts- Painting, Sculpting, Building
    • Science Experiments- Planting, Cooking
    • Technology- Movie Night, Computer Games,
    • Sports & Games- Board Games, Organized Sports, Exercise
    • Community Outings- Neighborhood walks; Bowling; Trips to Playdium and Square One
    • Prayer
  • Annual Activities
    • Talent Show
    • Pajama Day
    • Family BBQ

How Can You Join

Please send an email to or call 905 593 3461
Identify your location of choice when sending email: Muneeba Centre- Mississauga/ IIT- Scarborough