DEEN Mobility Network


DEEN Mobility Network

Join our Mobility Network to connect with people with physical disabilities. The Network provides ample opportunity to interact with your peers who share similar experiences and challenges in life. Learn from others and pass on your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise


• Provide a common platform where people with physical disabilities can benefit from each other’s experiences and skills
• Provide a safe environment to discuss a number of issues; issues of practicing Islam with disability, domestic violence, and depression
• Learn about services and programs that can enhance your lives as a person with a disability (attendant care, SSLU housing, Wheel Trans, matrimonial services, recreation and exercise programs)
• Offer disability related support to new comers to Ontario

Our Program

• Bi- Monthly meeting at Islamic Institute of Toronto
• Periodic seminars and workshops on disability related topics
• Assistive technology training
• Sharing of information and resources
• Social meet and greet events

Who Can Join

• Anyone with a physical disability

How can you Join

Please send an email to or call 905 593 3461